Tips for a Better Control over Your Packaging

You may have heard about “out-of-control” packaging. This problem mainly occurs to lack of experience or knowledge about the packaging operations and its connection with the machinery, marketing, shipping, and market demands. Now, input from the marketing, engineering and manufacturing teams is quite important in order to avoid the pitfalls.

Another way, which is quite an overlooked one, is the inclusion of packaging advisor in the process. The packaging advisors are capable of examining the availability of packaging materials and related machinery to suggest the best packaging solutions.

Packaging issues that create waste

Packaging can be a complicated process for many companies. In order to make the packaging attractive, many companies fail to maintain efficiency in the packaging process. And to create a new packaging process, there may be required an additional labor for the job. Another option in this regard is to outsource the packaging process.

Apart from everything about the packaging process, maintenance of packaging equipment is another issue that needs to be taken care of. If the machine is faulty, it can produce re-wraps, loose sealing or rejects. This fault in the packaging process can, sometimes, be quite harsh for the product being packaged. The key to avoid such failures is to do preventative maintenance of the machinery.

The help from packaging advisors

Packaging advisors monitor the packaging procedures as well as they analyze the machineries on consistent basis. Hence, they have a better idea about when you need to repack the items or when your machinery is going to require maintenance. As a matter of fact, they are usually quite capable of suggesting the fix before even the problem occurs. If you want to introduce automation to the process of packaging, you can take help from the evaluation by your packaging advisor.

Packaging solutions for cost reduction and efficiency

There are a number of factor that need to be taken into consideration to fix any packaging issues. Those factors include space, material costs, transportation and types of materials being used in the procedure. If you want to outsource the packaging process, you have to make sure that the handler has latest equipment and access to right materials for the packaging job. One of the options that you can go for in this regard is the flexible packaging. The best thing about this packaging type is that it doesn’t let the packaging film to be wasted. All you have to do is to adjust the machine settings in right way.

Packaging is the major business procedure. So you don’t want it to eat away the bigger chunk of your investment. Therefore, paying attention to the packaging process in order to reduce packaging waste, improve packaging design and improve efficiency is quite important.


How to Prepare For Moving

Moving from one home to another is a complicated process that can require as much time to plan as it takes to actually move. When you have an upcoming move that you need to start planning for, there are a few steps you can take to make it less stressful.

Taking a Home Inventory

Before you put a single item in a box, the first step you need to take is to inventory your home. It may sound like a daunting task but it is actually straightforward and will help you greatly.

Taking an inventory of your home can be as simple as going around to each room with a pad and pen and writing down each item in the room, as well as what you will be doing with each item. Make a note of where it will go in your new home or if it will be going into a remote storage unit.

Don’t Take Too Many Belongings

Now that you have a list of all the things in your home, you will now want to see if there are any belongings that you won’t need in your new home. If there is old furniture, appliances, or clothing that you don’t want to bring, you can throw them away or have a yard sale to bring in a few extra dollars. Bringing as few items as possible will save you money in transport costs as well as how much time you need to spend actually moving them.

The Right Shipping Materials

By now, you should have a clear idea of exactly what you will be bringing to your new home. Now it’s time to start preparing all the materials you’ll need for moving. Packing tape, cheap moving boxes, and bubble wrap are some common items you will need to stock up on. You can find them easily from a local hardware store or moving company that sells them. Having enough moving supplies before you start will save you from having to make another trip to the store halfway through the moving process.

What to Pack First

So now you have all the things you need to start packing. Your first thought is probably where to start. When you start packing, you will want to start with the room that you use the least and the items that you won’t need right away. If you have a lot of extra clothes that you won’t need for a few days, that can be a good starting point. Other bulk items such as blankets, sheets, and extra towels can also be packed early on. If you have a basement and/or attic, consider getting those areas finished in the beginning as well. That way you won’t have to worry about those rooms when you are tired and losing motivation.

Other items such as artwork, collectibles, and any jewelry should also be packed early on in the moving process. You won’t need these items right away, and they can be moved quickly and easily to your new home to get them out of the way.